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Alison Haywood Testimonial


Name – Alison Haywood
Age Category– 50+ but only just !
When did you join – joined in November 2015
How did you hear about MND Fitness – chatted to MND in clock towers
What have you gained the most from MND Fitness – gained a real drive to exercise and love the ‘good’ feeling I get after a class , even if I’m right grumpy before I go
What is your favourite type of class – favourite class ? Well I’m not sure I can answer , they are all so varied and I enjoy them all
What can you say about the instructors and the support they provide – instructors ? Hmmm ! Really supportive and encouraging even if sometimes you feel they are enjoying the pain we feel
Is there anything else you would like to add – I now have some muscles never had muscles that show on my arms !
Would you recommend MND Fitness to family and friends – most definitely!

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