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Egg, Banana and Raspberry Muffins

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Here’s a quick easy snack you can take to work, and I think they taste amazing.

Eggs and banana’s to a ratio of 3-1 (3 eggs to 1 banana, 6 eggs to 2 banana’s etc)

Blend and pour into cupcake holders. Drop in a couple of raspberries.

Cook for around 20 minutes at 190 degrees.

Job done. Perfect for lunches or snacks for school or work.

:-) :-) :-)

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Which side of the dictionary do you read from?

betterchoices 3

Which side of the dictionary do you read from?


What’s the difference between famous, inspirational, wealthy people like Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Isaak Newton etc etc……and Jo Bloggs……..It’s all down to which side of the dictionary they read from.


Are you someone who constantly uses words like; tired, upset, angry, okay, sad, difficult, too hard, too old, too big, ill, afraid, sleepy, poor, frustrated, unmotivated, headache, too busy, annoyed depressed, hurting, medication, sick, hate, same-old, pain, worried, failure …….do any of these words ring any bells……do you think these words regularly came from the mouths of the people above, or do you think they use words like: motivated, success, inspiring, dedication, commitment, courage, creativity, hope, compassion, belief, confidence, love, purpose, knowledge, power, dream, attitude, attraction, vision, brave, winner, drive, strong, humble, direct, persistence.


The first thing you need to change, if you want better, is your mind. You absolutely, unquestionably, indisputably HAVE to change the way you think, you need to change the way you think about your life, your family, your finances, your health, your past, your present, your future.


Stop describing how you are, who you are and what you are by the words in the first half of the paragraph and start improving and expending your vocabulary.


It’s not an accident or the luck of the draw why some people are wealthy, happy, loved and healthy, and others struggle through without progression or identity, full of stress and misery.

Just as it’s not an accident or luck why, for example, Richard Branson is successful in so many ventures or that Duncan Bannatyne has a chain of successful Fitness and Health spas and is worth £180 million. It’s because when most people, (usually the ones that I hear saying it’s alright for you, you’ve got your own business, you have time to do these things, you have a loving partner, you have your health) are tucking into a £30 takeaway and knocking back a couple glasses of wine on a Friday evening because they’ve had a hard week because they hate their job, it depresses them and makes them angry, or they are fed up with being poor or sick or afraid. Then they wake up on Saturday morning feeling ill and sleepy with a headache, which frustrates them and makes them unmotivated for the task’s they had planned over the weekend. People like Branson and Bannatyne were pushing themselves further, harder and longer than everyone else. This is why last night I was eating food to fuel myself which helped me to rise before the sun, fresh and strong. I was out the back door and into the garden for some exercise thinking about how to be more successful, to be more creative, and how to continue to grow and motivate myself and others, which in turn will create more drive and opportunities.


Success, happiness, contentment, stability, wealth and love. The people who have these in their life are not lucky or gifted, they just read from the correct side of the dictionary. They understand that everything in their life whether it’s positive or negative starts with them and is their responsibility.


I understand shit happens sometimes, but it’s how we approach and move on from the shit which dictates success or failure.


Choose your words wisely

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Fruit and Nut Balls


Simple Little treats


100 grams (ish) of pitted dates

100 grams (ish) of pitted prunes

100 grams of almonds

100 grams of cashews

50 grams of grated coconut

100 grams of 75-85% organic dark chocolate

Simple guide to perfect balls

Boil the prunes and dates for 10 minutes.

Blend the almonds and cashews.

Mix the coconut in with the nuts.

Drain the dates and prunes, let cool for 5-10 minutes and blend.

Add the fruit to the nuts and massage with your hands.

Roll into 1 inch balls with your hands and dunk them head first into the melted chocolate.

Place on a plate or dish and stick the in the fridge.

Job done. Simple.

P.S. only have a couple a day, otherwise you could be spending more time than you wish sitting on the big white basin. :-) :-)

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4 x 100 burnout

new 585

A very simple exercise of the day. Use it when you only have 20 mins available.


100 press ups (on your knees or feet is fine)

100 sit ups (knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hands across chest)

100 squats ( feet slightly wider then shoulder width, keep back straight, look forward, heels to stay on the ground, squat down until there is a right angle in your knees and back up)

100 Burpees (no press up at the bottom but a jump at the top)


The challenge is to complete all 400 reps as quickly as possible, then beat it next time.

Get sweaty guys

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Nut Flapjack


I made this over the weekend as a quick healthy snack. Very high in energy, perfect to take with me on some longer runs.


200g of walnuts

200g of almonds

200g of cashews

100g of dates

100g of mixed dried fruit

4 eggs

100g ish of 75-85% organic dark chocolate

The path to indulgence

Boil the dates for 10 mins,

Blend the walnuts, almonds and cashews and mix together

Add the mixed dried fruit and after letting the dates cool a bit and blending them too, add to the mixture.

Crack the 4 eggs into the bowl with the rest and massage it all together with your hands

Spread it evenly out in a 12inch flan dish and spread the melted chocolate over the top thinly

Cook for 30-40 mins on a low-medium heat, let it cool and place in the fridge.


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Equinox 24

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Who’s ready to take on the Equinox 24 with MND Fitness this year?

  • Are you are looking for more than just a running race?

  • Do you want a challenge?

  • Are you looking for a weekend away surrounded by like-minded people and an amazing atmosphere?

  • Do you want to run in a breath taking location with unbelievable views?

  • Do you want to experience the thrill of running through a sunrise?

  • Do you want a goal to keep you focused – something to aim for?

  • Do you want a venue where your supporters can enjoy their weekend while supporting you?

  • Are you looking for an online community to share your experiences before and after the race with?

  • Do you want to push your limits as an individual?

  • Do you want to achieve your goal and help you team achieve theirs?

The Equinox24 is a 24 hour running event held the beautiful Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire.  Run solo, or in a relay team of 2 to 8.

Equinox24 is an event like no other!

The atmosphere is supportive and friendly. If you can run 10k – the event is for you. Whether you run 1 lap in a team or the course record of 21 laps, you can achieve your own goals at Equinox24.

Please let me know who is interested. Like it says, it can be ran either as a solo or a team. As many laps as you can in 24 hours.

Take a look at the website:



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Picnic at Coombe Abbey

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Saturday the 16th of April

12.30pm meeting in the carpark. We will take a nice steady walk around the park lasting maybe 2 hours finishing back near the playground where we will enjoy the healthy picnic you brought with you and a hot beverage from the cafe. Finishing around 4-5pm.

Everyone welcome to join in, bring you children, your parents, aunties, uncles, friends, dogs if they behave.

These are always a nice relaxing days spending time outside with some great people.

Coombe Abbey postcode CV3 2AB

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Health Seminar in Lutterworth


Saturday the 5th of March

Lutterworth College 8.45am – 5.00pm.

A health lunch, warm drinks, water and snacks provided.

This will be the first time Karl has been back to the area for 2 years and is likely to be the only time this year. This seminar was very important to me nearly 3 years ago when I attended it. The day was so positive to me, it helped me to understand what I needed to change and how to do it. The changed I made over the 12 months after I spent the day listening to Karl helped me to lose weight, eat healthier, train more efficiently, love mate, try harder, and helped my wife progress out of a wheelchair and back to work. I cannot value this day enough.

Prices for this day usually float around the £100 a person mark, but because I am trying to make this accessible to everyone, this event will be £55 for MND Fitness and Health members and £65 for everyone else. I will even allow payment to be Spread over 2 months.

Please contact me here for more information,

and please take a look at what your missing here

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Mother Natures Diet 2 Day Seminar in Winchester


Saturday and Sunday the 20th and 21st of February

2 Day Seminar in Winchester with Karl Whitfield and Stuart Humber at

This is restricted to only 20 people. We have 3 spaces left. First come first serve. This is one of the most valuable weekends I have been to. The weekend gets deeper into your health and nutrition, looking at gut health, how to reduce the risk of major diseases and how to slow down the signs of ageing. If your looking to move your future onto a different more positive path this will open your eyes. Amazing life coaching weekend.

Please contact me for more information and prices.

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