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Need some motivation


This makes me want to get my arse off this chair everyday and make my life better than it was yesterday!!!

What are you doing???

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Which side of the dictionary do you read from?

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Which side of the dictionary do you read from?


What’s the difference between famous, inspirational, wealthy people like Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Isaak Newton etc etc……and Jo Bloggs……..It’s all down to which side of the dictionary they read from.


Are you someone who constantly uses words like; tired, upset, angry, okay, sad, difficult, too hard, too old, too big, ill, afraid, sleepy, poor, frustrated, unmotivated, headache, too busy, annoyed depressed, hurting, medication, sick, hate, same-old, pain, worried, failure …….do any of these words ring any bells……do you think these words regularly came from the mouths of the people above, or do you think they use words like: motivated, success, inspiring, dedication, commitment, courage, creativity, hope, compassion, belief, confidence, love, purpose, knowledge, power, dream, attitude, attraction, vision, brave, winner, drive, strong, humble, direct, persistence.


The first thing you need to change, if you want better, is your mind. You absolutely, unquestionably, indisputably HAVE to change the way you think, you need to change the way you think about your life, your family, your finances, your health, your past, your present, your future.


Stop describing how you are, who you are and what you are by the words in the first half of the paragraph and start improving and expending your vocabulary.


It’s not an accident or the luck of the draw why some people are wealthy, happy, loved and healthy, and others struggle through without progression or identity, full of stress and misery.

Just as it’s not an accident or luck why, for example, Richard Branson is successful in so many ventures or that Duncan Bannatyne has a chain of successful Fitness and Health spas and is worth £180 million. It’s because when most people, (usually the ones that I hear saying it’s alright for you, you’ve got your own business, you have time to do these things, you have a loving partner, you have your health) are tucking into a £30 takeaway and knocking back a couple glasses of wine on a Friday evening because they’ve had a hard week because they hate their job, it depresses them and makes them angry, or they are fed up with being poor or sick or afraid. Then they wake up on Saturday morning feeling ill and sleepy with a headache, which frustrates them and makes them unmotivated for the task’s they had planned over the weekend. People like Branson and Bannatyne were pushing themselves further, harder and longer than everyone else. This is why last night I was eating food to fuel myself which helped me to rise before the sun, fresh and strong. I was out the back door and into the garden for some exercise thinking about how to be more successful, to be more creative, and how to continue to grow and motivate myself and others, which in turn will create more drive and opportunities.


Success, happiness, contentment, stability, wealth and love. The people who have these in their life are not lucky or gifted, they just read from the correct side of the dictionary. They understand that everything in their life whether it’s positive or negative starts with them and is their responsibility.


I understand shit happens sometimes, but it’s how we approach and move on from the shit which dictates success or failure.


Choose your words wisely

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