MND Fitness

Core Principle 11

Enjoy nature – spend quality time outside

This is an important point. In fact, all 12 of these Core Principles are important, really none more than any others, they are all equally important, so please don’t start thinking that numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12 are any less important than the first few!

I mean that, don’t think that the long term answer to supreme good health, abundant energy and a long, disease-free, sexually-active, healthy old age, is all down to eating salad and running round the block twice a week. Sure, diet and exercise are important, but so are all these other factors. Every one of the 12 Core Principles are equally important. I guess, if any one single Principle is the MOST important, it is probably Core Principle 2 – refined sugar.

But truly, they are ALL important, if your goal is supreme good health, abundant energy, and a long happy life free from disease, dysfunction and immobility.

Fresh air is important. Sunlight is important. Being out and about enjoying the countryside is important. Spending prolonged periods (20 minutes is not a prolonged period!) outside is important. Feeling some kind of connection with nature is important. You might be tempted to think some of these points are less important than the question of what food we eat, but they are not.

Again, this page does not really permit me the space to go into this in great deal, as whole chapters of my book are dedicated to this area, so here I will simply state my core belief that we (Westerners in general) as a society have become dangerously disconnected from nature and the natural world, and this is a major contributory factor to modern lifestyle diseases. I seriously believe, and my book will discuss this in great detail, that our ‘distance’ from nature and natural living is harming us deeply, almost as deeply as our other poor food and lifestyle choices.

  • Try to spend time in nature
  • Get a dog and take it walking every day, in fields, woods and in parks
  • Visit beautiful places like National Parks at the weekend and on your holidays
  • Go camping, take your kids!
  • Go hill walking, beautiful places, great views and the best exercise!
  • Don’t run on a treadmill in the gym, go to a park and run laps instead
  • Don’t go to an air conditioned gym to ride a static bike, get a real bike and get some fresh air, explore your local area
  • Walk in the woods and learn about the trees and plants and spot birds and small animals

I have a lot more to say about this, but it does not belong here, it belongs in my book. I firmly believe that a major contributing factor to the deteriorating state of our collective health, is our disconnect from nature. There are many millions of people living days and even weeks at a time, possibly even years at a time, rarely enjoying the natural world. People go from air conditioned home to air conditioned car, to air conditioned office, they eat processed food and machine coffee all day, buy food from a drive through on their way back to their air-conditioned home and then sit on the sofa all evening staring at their TV eating take-out food that was delivered by a student on a motorcycle.

It goes without saying, that this is not a healthy way to live. People really do this.

We humans, like every other creature, are a product of nature, and this total disconnection from Mother Nature and her natural world, has major health implications. If we stop breathing Her air, drinking Her water, eating Her food, enjoying Her beauty and peace and tranquility, moving our bodies in Her environment and communing with Her other creations, is it any wonder our bodies ‘malfunction’ and fall apart?

Every single day of our lives should include at least a few minutes outside in the fresh air, whatever the weather. Ideally, hours outside every day would be better.


  • Fresh air is important
  • Sunlight is important
  • Spend time outside every day
  • Get ‘back to nature’, go hiking in National Parks, go camping, ride a bike, get a dog, walk in the forest, climb a tree!
  • Take a day off from the TV