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Core Principle 2

Eliminate refined sugar & limit natural sugars

Sugar is plain evil! In my opinion, refined sugar is Public Enemy No:1 in the food world, and refined sugar is largely responsible for a great deal of the poor health prevalent in modern western society today.

Core Principle 2

It is my belief that sugar is THE number one poison of the Western world. I believe that sugar has worked its way into almost every packaged food in our supermarkets and it has poisoned our taste buds, our minds and our bodies. In its raw state, sugar cane is a sweet edible plant, a whole food, the sweet juices balanced some of the with the vitamins and minerals a human body needs to digest and process the sugar, encased in a chewy fibrous plant that we can’t eat and digest in any great quantity. However, it its processed refined state, sugar offers only calories, without nutrition, and it costs your body dearly to process it.

Sugar is the key driver behind the current diabetes epidemic. Sugar has poisoned our bodies, wasted our minds and polluted our palates so that we crave sweetness in everything these days. As the diet industry has wrongly spent the last 30 or 40 years trying to tell us to avoid eating fat, so sugar consumption has increased. As food processors removed the fat from everything, they replaced it with ever more sugar, and now we are all fatter and sicker than we were before.

The drive to sweeten everything has been a constant industrial surge for hundreds of years. We have selectively bred fruit to be fatter, juicier, sweeter, so now even eating too much fresh natural fruit consistently for many years can lead to an over-stressed pancreas. We have added sugar to cereals, drinks, breads, pies, pizzas, sauces, the list is almost endless.

Sugar products are now hidden under an array of names and guises, some notorious like High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and some more subtle, such as Maltodextrin. Sugar is added to so many foods it is ridiculous – and often because the so-called ‘food’ is little more than chemical gunge, made in a factory, and without sugar it would taste awful.

It is my goal to completely remove refined sugar from my life. In order to make this possible, I have had to give up alcohol completely. A lot of what makes alcohol addictive, is the sugar content, and anyone who regularly drinks alcohol, cannot claim to have stopped consuming sugar. Life without beer has been easier than I thought, but I do miss the odd glass of wine!


  • Refined sugar offers only empty calories, it COSTS your body nutrients to digest it
  • Refined sugar is the evil driving the obesity and diabetes epidemics
  • Sugar is in almost everything these days – study labels and wise up!
  • Even fruit is sweeter and juicier these days, so don’t eat too much
  • Alcoholic drinks are rammed full of sugar – to quit sugar, you have to quit the booze too!