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Core Principle 4

Eliminate Poisons

Core Principle 4
Such as nicotine, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, additives, chemicals.

Don’t smoke

At all. Ever. Anything. Period. This is just so obvious I have nothing more to say about smoking.

Don’t drink

That’s going to be a tough one for a lot of people, but you need to eliminate alcohol from your life, and if you can’t do that, then at least reduce alcohol consumption to an absolute minimum. Alcohol is an insidious poison, it slowly creeps into our lives and becomes a part of our daily routine that, despite what we like to think, we then find it hard to live without. Addiction does not mean you have to be roaring drunk the whole time. Addiction can just mean you use alcohol most days in small quantities and find it hard to go without.

Sure, we have all read about how the French diet is high in red wine and they suffer very low rates of heart disease. We have all read about the beneficial effects of the occasional glass of wine and the dose of B vitamins and iron in the occasional pint of Guinness, but you have to remember that such health benefits are often stated as ‘comparable’ to other alcoholic beverages. Sure, 1 glass of red wine is healthier than a large whisky, but that doesn’t mean that red wine is therefore a ‘health food product’.
People love to quote that drinking an occasional glass of red wine or the odd beer has many health benefits, so that way they justify the booze they enjoy. Listen, eating broccoli and cauliflower has many health benefits, but those same people are far less keen to run around boasting about all the broccoli they eat.

As a relaxing way to bring down your stress levels, if you want to enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer from time to time then that’s OK, but alcohol is highly acidic, highly poisonous, full of sugar and chemicals, extremely addictive and has virtually no healthy side-effects inside your body.
If you really want to take your health seriously, and be the absolute healthiest you can be, then you need to group alcohol in the same category as cigarettes and refined sugar – the bad boys of the human health story. Just quit. I suspect many people are reading this and saying ‘no way man, I don’t have an alcohol problem, I’m not hooked, I can take it or leave it…I only drink a few times a week because I like it, it’s sociable.’ To you, I would say ‘OK, prove it, prove you are not hooked, abstain from even a sip for one month, just to show you can.’ See how you feel about that.

Recreational drugs

Just don’t. You can’t be a health freak from Monday-to-Friday and then hit the nightclubs with a nose full of coke at the weekend. Don’t be dumb. Nothing else needs to be said.

Prescription drugs

I could write a whole book on this topic, and one day I might. This page does not allow me the space to write extensively about drugs and how I believe we don’t need them. Drugs, pills, are chemical concoctions made in factories from bizarre synthetic materials…there is NOTHING natural about drugs, nothing natural about that goes into them, how they are made or even how they are marketed. It’s big money business. Drugs depress symptoms; some drugs attempt to act as cures. I believe good health starts with PREVENTIVE medicine, which is better known as clean living and a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t think you get a headache because there is a lack of aspirin in your blood. You get a headache because you are dehydrated, or because you have been stuck inside an air-conditioned office for 14 hours staring at a screen, or because you have not been out and enjoyed any fresh air all day, or because you have been watching TV for 8 hours straight.

Do not take any drugs of any kind, no painkillers, headache pills, antacids, anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories, etc. None of them are solving the cause of your ailment; they are just masking the symptoms. Obviously I should remind you that I am NOT a qualified doctor and if there is some prescription medication that you are taking for a certain condition, then you should consult your doctor directly before stopping any medications that you are on. But for me personally, I never take any.


Caffeine is another one many people will find hard to deal with. Just quit, it’s addictive, it screws with your sleep patterns and the natural biorhythms in your body. Switch to decaf coffee, decaf tea, herbal teas, or just drink more water.

Additives and chemicals

We pretty much covered that in Principle 3 above. Food grows on trees and swims in the ocean and runs around in a field, it’s not made in a lab or a factory. Modern life is full of poisons, and many of them are hard to avoid. Car exhaust fumes pollute our air, factories belch out waste, heavy metals pollute the fishes in the seas that we fish and our food and drink is laced with an endless number of chemicals and man-made additives. I avoid as much of that poison as I can, and I suggest you do the same.


  • Don’t smoke, it’s just the stupidest thing ever
  • Don’t drink, it’s full of sugar and chemicals, and it’s highly addictive
  • Don’t take drugs, at all
  • Kick the caffeine
  • Avoid the additives