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Group Training

Group Training

Group training is similar to Private Tuition but with 2,3,4,5,6 etc students booking sessions together, this could be a bunch of friends, family or work colleagues. This might be because:-

You all have a common goals, i.e. running a 10k, half marathon, marathon, or it could be you have all entered one of the vary popular Tough Mudders.

You might all be supporting each other to lose weight and become healthier together.
Maybe you like the idea of Personal Tuition but cannot afford the fees on your own. With 3-4 students in a session the fees will be greatly reduced per individual.

We would be happy to provide lunchbreak sessions for a group of staff to get the blood flowing and encourage a break away from the screen for 30-40 minutes.
Maybe you belong to a team, such as hockey, football, tennis, swimming club etc and would like to put some variation into your training.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to book a free 1 hour consultation to discuss your requirements