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Gyula Rosinszki

Gyula Rosinszki

Hi, my name is Gyula. I am Hungarian and have been lucky enough to have been living in the UK since 2006. I would firstly just like to say thank you so much for showing interest in MND Fitness and spending your time looking through our website. Here is a short description of my Journey so far.
I first became enthusiastic about sport and exercise when I met Stu 7-8 years ago. I was not fit, healthy or active at the time (neither was Stu), and at 23 years old was rather embarrassed how much of a state I was in, considering I was at the so called peak of my youth.

One day Stu came up with the idea to go to Ben Nevis for a hike, Ben Nevis is the highest point of the British Isles standing at 1344 meters. I knew nothing about the place but I have always liked to discover new places so I agreed. It took us 7 hours to ascend and descend Ben Nevis and at that time and with our level of fitness was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Just for the record, a couple of years later, we finished the 3peaks challenge (3 highest peaks in Great Britain in 24hours) in an amazing 20 hours which included an ascent and descent of Ben Nevis in 3 hours 22 minutes.

From this achievement we went from one challenge to another including the Coast 2 Coast in 5 days (200 miles across England) unassisted, many marathons and ultra marathons and my favourite, Triathlons. An Ironman is something that constantly pops up in my thoughts and is definitely near the top of my Bucket List.

I just want you to understand the importance what a single person or event can bring into your life. My friendship with Stu, which as I mentioned above, started around 2008, bringing nothing other than positive changes for both of us, it has taken us to some amazing places and we’ve experienced the full spectrum of emotions, whilst working through some very difficult times. These experiences have created a higher understanding and respect for ourselves, our future, and our planet. This is why MND Fitness is a system that not only is good for you but for the environment. We hope that we can both have the same positive influence on you and your personal journeys.

MND Fitness is helping people get healthier, fitter and live longer in a natural way just as Mother Nature intended and designed us to do. The human body is an amazing creature, strong, effective, agile and intelligent, capable of extraordinary things and overcoming enormous obstacles, but only if we look after it the way nature intended. Eat naturally, hydrate often, sleep well, reduce stress, love more and move freely……every day.

Please let us be a part of your journey. We have created a community which does not judge. We do not care how fit your are or what your body composition is or how many press ups you can do or how old you are, all we will see is your commitment to becoming fitter and healthier.

Hopefully we see you in one of our classes soon.