MND Fitness

Karl Whitfield

MotherNaturesDiet is made up of 12 Core Principles, a simple set of guidelines about how to live, eat and move your body. I believe the majority of us living in the West are eating a diet that is far removed from that which is truly nourishing for our bodies, and I think there is a widespread lack of knowledge out there about how our bodies work and how we should be fuelling them and moving them.

Karl Whitfield

Even among those of us who care, I think many people who try to live healthily and eat right, are lost and confused by the vast array of conflicting research available online and in print. The ‘diet world’ is a mass of contradictory theories and cheap sales tricks, and I think many people who want to be healthy, end up frustrated and disillusioned and feeling cheated by the books, websites and ‘diets’ they look to for help.

I have spent twenty three years trying, and often failing, to understand the secrets of diet and good health. I would say I spent 16 of those 23 years getting it wrong, and then finally the last 7 getting it right. Only through those many failings have I managed to learn what works for my body, to enable me to complete my own personal transformation ‘from fat to fit’. Now, the whole subject of natural nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle has become my passion and my obsession, and I am on a mission to make sense of it all for myself, my children, those that I love and the world at large.

I think modern Western society needs help, obesity is reaching epidemic scale, and the major ‘lifestyle diseases’ bring pain and loss to every family. We need to get back to some common sense. We need to get back to eating and moving the way Mother Nature intended.

I believe we are supposed to eat plants and animals, and really nothing much else. Our food should be natural, organic, born out of soil, sunshine, rain and fresh clean air. Our food should not be made in a factory, using machines that heat and beat the so-called ‘food’ into weird shapes and colours, blending it with chemicals with unpronounceable names. I believe our food should be organic, locally sourced as much as possible, seasonal and not processed, not laced with chemicals or over packaged.

12 Core Principles – The Rules!

One of the great frustrations which I am sure you have felt as I have, is the plethora of conflicting health advice that is available. It seems that there is a book, written by some highly credible sounding Doctor or some fabulous looking fitness model, extolling the virtues of almost every imaginable way of eating and exercising. All these books seem well researched and well written, and all seem to offer endless testimonials proving that theirs is ‘the way’ and they are right. I don’t know about you, but I find it all horribly confusing. There are books promoting high-carb, low-carb, low-fat, high-fat, low fruit, all fruit, eat meat, be a vegetarian, avoid sugar, avoid wheat, avoid dairy, avoid gluten, eat bread, don’t eat bread, eat cabbage, don’t eat cabbage, eat fish, eat eggs, don’t drink too much water, just water, lots of juice, no juice! AAarrggghhhh!!! Who can make any sense of what we really should do!

Over the last two decades, I have tried and tested endless ‘diets’ and experimented with many different ways of eating. After a lot of trial and error, and a lot of research and reading, I have developed a set of 12 Core Principles, referred to often here as ‘The Rules’. I believe these Core Principles constitute the optimum way to live a healthy life, helping me to have lots of energy, stay free from disease and – I hope time will prove – live healthily to a ripe old age.

a realist, and I appreciate that we all need a degree of flexibility in our lives. Just like you, I have to juggle my career, my family, my social life, my finances and my ever-limited time, and it is a constant fight to find the time to shop, cook, eat and exercise in healthy nourishing ways. It’s not always easy. But that’s one of the good things about MotherNaturesDiet (MND), it is not complex, it’s not documented and regimented, eat this meal at this time, do that workout at that time, nothing like that.

MND is just simple common sense – avoid eating rubbish, eat only real natural food, and get some regular varied exercise.

Please see the ‘The Core Principles’ pages. I picked those words carefully, “try my best to live by”, as I am.

An evolving journey – yours and mine

This is as much a journey for me as it is for you. I started living the MND way properly at the start of 2012, as I had been ‘slowly heading in that direction’ over 2009, 2010 and 2011, one by one cleaning the ‘bad things’ from my diet. But still now, I am learning and evolving all the time.

MotherNaturesDiet is not the product of some perfectionist desire to be seen as some kind of ‘radical hippy eco-warrior’ extremist or zealot. Not at all. I developed MND to be useful, achievable and practical for millions of ordinary people just like you and I. Sure, there have been plenty of those ‘tree-hugging bearded types’ before, proving they can live in a cave for 29 years eating only lichen and moss or something crazy like that, but that’s not what I am about. I am a normal person, just like you, I am married and we have 3 young children, I have a demanding career running my own publishing company, I do OK for money, but I am not rich, and I have a home to look after and a never ending to-do list. So I face the same time pressures and financial constraints that you face, and I developed MND as a way to show how I can live healthily and have a less harmful impact on the planet, within the limitations of my ‘normal suburban family life’.

This way, it is my hope that MND can teach us all lessons that are of some use to other ordinary people. Sure, the hippy living in a cave eating lichen for half a lifetime is a true ‘Earth-hero’, but really, what useful lessons does such an example teach ordinary people? Nothing, they think the guy’s an idiot and they laugh at him for making himself a social outcast. I want to show ordinary people, the kind of people who make up 1 billion consumers across Europe and North America, that there is an alternative way, that it is possible to eat healthily, nourish our bodies, get off our sugar and caffeine and alcohol addictions, and live a healthy life free from disease and ill feeling.

Good for us, better for animals too

I want to show how we can purchase food from sources where animals have been treated humanely and respectfully, and how we can buy food that has far less chemicals, preservatives and man-made additives in it, ideally none. I want to eat food that has not been highly processed, and food that does not come over packaged. I want to show that this way is better for us, better for animals, better for the environment, and it can be done, without costing a small fortune or requiring any immense amount of extra effort.

These are the principal aims of MND. Since I started living this way I have been in the best shape and best health of my life. I have not been sick or felt ill for a moment in the last year or more, I am never hungry, and I have more energy than anyone else I know.

I am committed to natural vibrant good health. I have spent years learning about weight loss, physical fitness, anti-aging, disease prevention, abundant natural energy, healthy virility, deep natural sleep, being in harmony with nature, looking after our environment and much more. These are important issues – everyone wants to feel and look their best, everyone wants to look bright, attractive, sexy, youthful. Everyone wants good health. No one wants to be ill. No one wants to be unattractive. No one wants to look older than their years. No one wants to feel like crap the whole time. No one wants debilitating illness. No one wants sexual dysfunction. No one wants to be obese, weak, tired all the time. I believe MND offers a way to live that can help millions of people to look and feel their best, millions of people just like you.

I hope you will try MotherNaturesDiet, and share with a friend who might be sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, do them a favour and help them start their own personal journey to supreme good health and abundant vibrant energy.

Thanks! Enjoy, Stay healthy.