MND Fitness

MND Fitness


Our goal at MND Fitness is to create a physical training program that is comfortable for all walks of life, with no preference towards age, sex, physical ability or lifestyle.

We have created a program that aligns with the evolutionary development of our body and the way our skeletal and muscular structure has needed to adapt to its surroundings. Our body wasn’t designed to lie on a bench and push a heavy weight continually above our heads or run on a treadmill for an hour in an air conditioned room looking at daytime TV or spending 45 minutes every day in an ultimate workout class pushing your heart to the max for the whole 45 minutes. We are not designed to do that. Our genes react negatively when treated this way and we become frustrated when we don’t achieve our required goals.

Our bodies are designed to run, walk, climb, crawl, throw, push, pull, carry, lift, swim, and fight. The chemical cocktail within us reacts best when you treat it the same way as it evolved. Give it plenty of low intensity exercise (mainly walking) and occasional moderate to high level exercise. We are talking 2-3 sessions of moderate varied exercise a week with a maximum time of 30 minutes with 1 high intense workout lasting no more than 20 minute.
We have created a program to co-inside with these objectives, to achieve a remarkable level of natural fitness that will make you a good all rounder; I see people with massive muscles who can pick up a car but can’t run a mile, I see people who can run a 3 hour marathon but struggling picking up 6 bags of groceries like their grandma used too. To have the ability to grow old actively and have the drive to continually challenge life you need to be a good all rounder.

To be ultimately fit, healthy, active, strong, fast, and agile with the perfect body composition shouldn’t be as difficult as society has you believing. Evolution has given us the genes to make this possible without great effort.
Our purpose is to put life in your years, and years in your life. Everyone seems to be happy to accept your prime, active adult years are between 20 and 40 years old, with a general consensus of a slow decline into your 70’s with various problems that come with middle to old age like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis etc. At MND Fitness we say NO. We want prime active life to last from 20 until 70 or 80 and then maybe accept a gradual slowing down, healthily.

  • MND Fitness is not a big muscle gaining program, but it will help you achieve it.
  • MND Fitness is not a running club, but it will help you to be quicker and build your stamina.
  • MND Fitness is not a strength building class, but it will make you stronger
  • MND Fitness is not a yoga class, but it will make you more flexible
  • MND Fitness is not a weight loss program but it will inevitably help you lose weight and find your perfect body composition

MND Fitness will make you an amazing all rounder. Helping you live a full active life well into your old age so you can still be kicking a football around with your grandkids or even great grandkids or hiking around the Alps in your 70’s and 80’s.

We also have an amazing nutrition and lifestyle program to go with the training, to help you truly change every part of yours, and your family’s life, for the better. If that’s what you want.