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Private Tuition

Private Training

Private tuition is available form either Stuart or Gyula. Prices vary depending on length of sessions (30mins/1 hour/2 hours) quantity of session booked, quantity of sessions per week and location. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and to book your free 1 hour consultation where we will have the opportunity to discus your goals/reasons:-

  • It might be because your training for an event.
  • It might be simply to lose weight for a special occasion, maybe a wedding or a holiday.
  • It might be for health reasons.
  • It might be to gain muscle, become faster, more agile, develop stronger endurance.
  • You might find going to a gym intimidating and need an initial a few months to build some confidence
  • You might find going to the gym boring and need variation.
  • You might need someone to simply kick you up the arse twice a week.
  • You might only have time to exercise during your lunchbreak and need to squeeze in a productive 30 minutes whilst at work.

What ever your reason is for private tuition we are highly knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic personal trainers and are very happy to help you with whatever your requirements are.