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Stuart Humber

Stuart Humber

In the summer of 2012 I spent a day sat with a great friend in his house explaining how much I hated the path my life was on, I hated the person I had become. I felt as if I had given up and just settled for the inevitable. I hated my job; I was constantly penniless, constantly trying to chase down debt. I didn’t like the man, husband or father I had become. I felt my whole life was laid out like a continuous groundhog day. I was being bullied by superiors, and pulled from pillow to post with no control of my own future; all positive emotion had been drained from me. I was a slave to everything around me. To think I still had around 30 years of the same thing every single day brought me to tears.

Stuart Humber

I spent the next few hours explaining all this to my mate not realising, until after, how unhappy I was. We came to a mutual agreement that from that day we would commit to changing our future. We decided our futures would only be dictated by our determination to grow. We asked the universe for help and made changes immediately.

That summer, I was an overweight (classed as obese) 16 stone lorry driver, addicted to exercise, smoking, and liked a couple of drinks. I ate a very traditional western diet and was heading on the downward spiral of health traditionally associated with a western way of living; overweight and high blood pressure and diabetes in my 40’s; on statins in my 50’s; and probably death from cancer or heart disease in my 60’s -70’s. Not a pretty thought when I was already heading towards 40.

Over the next 2 years, I changed my work from a lorry driver to an office worker, this was a short term goal so that I could give more time to my home life, and to train in martial arts with the same friend mentioned above, Within 18 months of dedication I became an instructor, finishing my short career in the office.

During my training as a martial arts instructor I was introduced to Karl Whitfield by one of my teachers. Karl Whitfield had developed a healthy living program called Mother Nature’s Diet. I started spending a lot of time studying Karl’s 20+ years of work and spending time with Karl himself. I soon came to realise MND had a lot of the answers I was looking for. I then moved on from my new career in martial arts to follow my heart and bring my own teachings to people through health and fitness.

I have now joined Karl on his quest to bring Mother Nature’s Diet to as many people as possible; in the hope we can positively encourage people to start working in harmony with their body, their nutrition, their exercise and the planet.

Lifestyle Achievements since the summer of 2012

  • Stopped smoking
  • Stopped Drinking
  • Stopped eating refined sugar
  • Stopped eating grains ( bread, pasta, rice, cous cous etc )
  • Stopped eating any processed foods
  • Stopped my exercise addiction ( I used to train around 15 times a week)
  • Reduced stress levels massively
  • Started believing in a bigger power
  • Starting taking control
  • Changed my character from an introvert to an extrovert to become an instructor

Physical Achievements

  • Became a martial arts instructor
  • Ran 12 marathons
  • Ran 6 ultra marathons of 40 miles
  • Ran a couple of 100 mile in 1 day ultra marathons
  • Completed the national 3 peaks in 20 hours
  • Completed the coast to coast path on foot within 5 days (200 miles) unassisted
  • Went from a 16 stone lorry driver who smoked, drank, ate junk food and exercise junky to a 12 and a half stone Fitness instructor with a more holistic healthy approach to everything.

Stuart Humber

Bringing my journey up to date, I finished my Diploma as a Personal Trainer at the beginning of 2015, allowing me to motivate, inspire and encourage others to make positive changes for themselves and their families.

I am now opening a network of physical training schools for people of all abilities, ages, sexes and lifestyle’s called MND Fitness. Whatever you are looking for from life, whatever improvements you feel you need to make, your health is the foundation to make everything possible. Without health you have no energy for your family or friends or career. By working on your foundation of health you can build the house of your life. If you feel as I did, before taking control of my life, then please get in touch. I have been there, I have been at the bottom and fought my way back up, I have the life experience to support your personal goals and help you fight any hidden demons.

This isn’t just a job or career for me, this is who I am, this is what I do.

There is a place in Japan called Okinawa, they have a reputation for longevity, they have the longest average life span of all nationalities. When their culture was studied to see what gave them this reputation for longevity, they were found to have a word that meant their reason for living, their reason to continually get up every morning, their drive for life. This word is their “ikigai”. My passion for holistic health and longevity is MY “ikigai”.

I now wake up every morning with a feeling of purpose, belonging and achievement; in my opinion I have improved every aspect of my life; family, health, nutrition, fitness and friendship. I have become stronger; spiritually, physically and emotionally creating an unquestionable positive approach.

I am actually living the life I told myself I would when I was 10 years old. Life has become an adventure.
When you were a child you could achieve anything, you could be anything, you believed anything was possible. Make that choice today to start trusting your inner child.

What do you really want from this life, think about it, and make the choice today to go and get it.

If you want to change, if you want to improve then MND Fitness is a great place to start YOUR journey – please get in touch.

I am available for private tuition or you can simply come along to one of our classes. or PM me on Facebook.