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So what major changes are involved in living the MotherNaturesDiet way?

It might all sound like a big deal, reading through the Core Principles above, but it isn’t really. We’re just talking about making a conscious effort to eat a clean, natural diet. To shop local, buy organic and avoid processed or heavily-packaged food. We’re talking about making a real effort to spend a little less time staring at a TV, or a computer screen, or a games console, and a little more time enjoying time outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature, whatever the weather. We’re talking about shouting at the kids less, not getting so wound up in a traffic jam, and trying to get a little more sleep.

Exactly what does MotherNaturesDiet look like on your dinner plate?

You don’t need to become  a calorie-counter, MND is not all about stressing over precise details and there are no points awarded or deducted for getting it right or wrong. Based on my gut feel and experience I can tell you that animal products should make up about half of your diet (based on calories), and plant products the other half. This is likely to be ‘weighted’ more to plants in the warmer half of the year, more to animals in the colder half of the year.

In practice, this equates to your dinner plate being made up of mainly one third animal products and two thirds plants, when measured by weight or volume. Rough estimates, that’s all. In plain English, your main meals should be about one third meat or fish, and the other two thirds vegetables. Eat enough to be comfortably full. Don’t go hungry, don’t overeat until you feel stuffed.

That’s easy enough, isn’t it?

People have told me that what they love about MotherNaturesDiet is that it is simple, easy to learn and follow. People have said that what is so easy about MND is that it is “a diet of reduction, it’s cutting things out, simplifying, not adding complex things in.”

And that is so true. Humans have made modern life so complex, so detailed, so complicated, in our constant ‘fight’ to separate ourselves from all that is natural and wild. The further we pull away from nature, the more we seem to get fat, sick and depressed.

MND is trying to reverse that. Eat simple food, do simple basic things with your body, enjoy simple exercise and natural pleasures. Unplug, switch off for a while, get out in the fresh air and just breathe.


Plants – vegetables make up the major bulk of my diet. We should all eat green vegetables every day. I eat kale every day, broccoli almost every day. I eat between 4 and 10 portions of vegetables every day, mostly green vegetables like cabbage, kale, spinach, spring greens and broccoli. I eat fruit, up to 4 or 5 portions per day in summer, much less in cold weather, perhaps only 1 piece per day in winter. I am pretty active, I workout and play sport, so I burn up the fruit sugar, but less active people, in my opinion, should limit themselves to max 2 or 3 portions of fruit per day, less in winter.

Animals – I eat meat and fish, but it must be organic, outdoor-reared, grass fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, properly free-ranged, humanely treated, pole-and-line caught, MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) stamped, sustainable caught. I make every reasonable effort to ensure my meat and fish meat these criteria. I rate outdoor reared and grass fed as more important than organic. Above all, talk to your butcher and find out how the animals are reared.

One of the butchers I used explained to me that they do not have get the ‘organic’ label because they reserve the right to treat an individual animal to veterinary care if required, which can include treatment with antibiotics. So if one pig out of 50 or 100 needs treatment, that single animal can be given antibiotics, which will help that one pig recover quickly, in isolation, without the disease spreading to the other pigs. However, this would not be allowed if they were certified ‘organic’. So to be a certified organic farm, they would have to refuse the antibiotics. The result is then all the pigs get sick and all take ages to recover.

So for this reason, my local farmer is not certified organic. In the eyes of ‘standards labelling’ there appears no difference between my local farmer, and one who routinely keeps hi hogs in terrible cramped conditions and routinely adds antibiotics to all the feed all the time, as a precautionary measure to stop disease in dirty, unhygienic pig pens. Clearly, by talking to my butcher, I understand that he is not selling me ‘certified organic’ pork, but in fact he IS acting in the best interests of good animal husbandry. Talk to your butcher, ask him what the animals eat, where they are kept, he is there to answer your questions.

Seeds, nuts, dried fruits
 – these have a place in my diet, but I limit the quantities. I ensure dried fruit does not have chemicals added (like they add sulphur to apricots, and to Goji berries)

Wild plants and flowers
 – as I learn, I constantly endeavour to find food locally, that I can pick for free from Mother Nature and supplement my diet. This is a long term process, a lifetime commitment, depending on time and location.

Home grown produce – what I can grow, I do, but I have very little time and space so my resources are somewhat limited. This is a learning curve for me, and I commit to doing the best I can.

You won’t go hungry, you don’t have to live like a monk

MotherNaturesDiet is for everyone!

MND offers a way to live that is realistic and achievable for normal people – I am an ordinary guy, with a very demanding job, and a family, and a regular life, living in a normal home in a normal town, doing normal things, with time and money pressures just like you, and MND can fit in with my busy life, so it can work for you too.

You do not need to go hungry! I have never eaten so well in my life! Tasty slow roasted meats, heaps of nutritious green veggies, I am hardly ever hungry. This is not about calorie restriction, this is a long term lifestyle commitment for people who want to look and feel their best, people who want to be healthy inside and out, and live a long healthy productive life, free from disease, illness, injury and immobility.

Try living your life by these 12 Core Principles for just 1 month and see how you feel. What have you got to lose?